Copper Ridge Custom Homes Philosophy

HouseThe COPPER RIDGE CONSTRUCTION LLC philosophy is as different as the homes we build. We believe that excellence is defined by the ability to consistently exceed our customers' expectations and to bring their dreams to life in homes that provide lasting value. Our unparalleled industry expertise and commitment to excellence are the keystones of our standard of service!

Copper Ridge Construction History

Eric Larson and Brian Dahlquist, owners of COPPER RIDGE CONSTRUCTION LLC, are unique to say the least. When customers talk of them, they use words such as "Integrity", "Experienced", "Courteous", "Excellent Workmanship", "Highly Recommended", "Precision", to name a few. And as with most unique people, there precedes a unique story.

Eric and Brian met in their first architectural class at Ferris State University in the fall of 1997. They became friends instantly and spent the next four years working toward their degrees together and teaming up to apply their education by doing side jobs at night and on weekends. After college, they both began working for a large international residential builder. Because of their high energy and strong mid-western work ethic, both were made Project Superintendent. However, during this exciting time in their career they continued to do various side jobs together. Therefore, after four years, they had combined to build more than 350 homes throughout West Michigan. The only rational choice for these two men was to apply their energy, experience, and integrity toward their own dream and so began the journey of COPPER RIDGE CONSTRUCTION LLC.

Therefore, if you seek a strong combination of Energy, Experience, and Integrity, call on Eric and Brian at COPPER RIDGE CONSTRUCTION LLC. for your new home construction dream.



  • "The level of integrity displayed by the Copper Ridge team fostered trust and comfort, allowing me to leave my home improvements in very capable hands. Overall, my remodel was a positive experience. Many thanks to Brian and Eric, the work is second to none! I will recommend you every chance I get!"

    -Kristi Dougan - Sparta, MI

  • "The quality and precision of the work done by Copper Ridge was second to none. Everything was carefully planned, done on time, and with little waste. Their costs are fair and it is easy to get a hold of someone when I have a question. Communication and friendliness of owners was really great."

    Andrea Holwerda - Grandville, MI

  • "We very much appreciate all of your hard work. I could not have asked for a better contractor to be in our home. We will definitely be calling and referring you for our future projects!"

    Jessica Carpenter - Comstock Park, MI